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Mounting Your WickWerks Chainrings

WickWerks chainrings are designed as direct replacements for many existing applications.  If they have the same number of mounting holes at the same Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD), new WickWerks rings will be mounted and removed just like the rings they replace.  The following are instructions and illustrations for “typical” installations.

  1. Remove existing rings from crank.Note location and orientation of chainring and crank bolts prior to removal.After removing the chainring bolts, some rings will come off the crank without removing the crank from the bicycle; others will require the crank arm to be removed from the bike before the rings will come off.Follow the crank and/or bicycle manufacturer instructions to remove the crank and change the chain rings.
  2. Inspect the Crank and Chainring Bolts.Thoroughly inspect and clean all mounting points on the crank. The chainring mounting surfaces should be clean and free from damage – so that the new chainrings align true, flat and straight.In most cases, the previous chain ring bolts can be used again, but if they are damaged, please replace with new ones (available at bike shops and online).
    Typical Mounting & Alignment of
    Rings to Crank
    See Step 3.

Mounting the New chainrings:

Note:  To mount Wickwerks rings on SRAM Force 22 cranks, Please see these additional instructions.

  1. Align the orientation tabs (see images on right):
    – Drive side Crank Arm….aligns with
    Pin on BIG ring….aligns with
    – Alignment tab on SMALL ring(s).

The alignment tabs are small protrusions or indentations on the inside circumference of the smaller chainrings.  Two mounting examples are shown in the images.

Typical Mountain 2×10 Mounting & Alignment
See Step 3.

Note:  Some of our small rings have the clocking designed so they work on both the regular 110BCD cranks and the Sram Red22 and Exogram cranks, the only difference is the alignment mark which goes behind the crank arm on the regular 110BCD cranks and points at the crank arm from the opposite side on the Sram Red22 and Exogram cranks.Other small rings we make for the Sram Red22 and Exogram cranks have the alignment arrow over the bolt hole which goes behind the crank arm.

Logo and Part Number Markings
on the Rings to Face “Out”
(away from the bike as shown above)
See Step 4.
  1. Orient rings so deco markings face “out”.Chainring labels and markings — like logos, part numbers and decorative machined areas should all face “out” or away from the bike frame.  See illustration.
  2. Fasten the new rings to the Crank in same way the previous rings were bolted (or as given in the crank manufacturers instructions).
    – Some rings sandwich the crank spider fingers;
    – Some rings bolt directly to the crank spider;
    – Some fasteners thread into the ring or the spider.
  3. Tighten chain ring bolts, but do not strip threads.
  4. Remount the crank to the bike (if needed) by following the crank or bicycle manufacturers instructions.
  5. Replace the chain.  We usually recommend a new chain with new chainrings.  If there is any question about the age and condition of the chain, replace it with a new one.  See Recommended Equipment.
  6. Adjust the Front Derailleur for the new rings.See instructions for Front Derailleur Adjustment on this web site.  Proper positioning and adjustment of the front derailleur is very important for getting the most from WickWerks rings.  Adjustment for these rings may be slightly different than for other rings.