WickWerks Giant Chainring - Cyclocrossing

Racing at the Carnival

I love the atmosphere of a good cycling event — especially cyclocross.  Reminds me sometimes of playing at the carnival.  Maybe it’s the cheering, or the cow-bells, or the bright colors and course tape.  Maybe it’s the announcers blaring excitement of the current race, or maybe it’s the psychedelic apparel advertising a million supporting companies.

Whatever it is, the carnival appeal calls me each week to come join in.  It’s contagious.  And, I think everyone should come and experience it!


So, Why Does Cyclocross “Feel” Different?

Different?  Yeah, different.  Hard to say, but it’s there.  I love a good mountain bike race — truth be told, that’s my first love in cycling, but I have to admit, I look forward to ‘cross season — and though I’m mostly a chump on course, there’s a certain satisfaction in being a part of it, that makes it all worth it — again and again.

Tent Back Carnival Branding

Last Saturday I missed the race.  I was supposed to be at the Without Limits event in Parker Colorado with the WickWerks promotional stuff spread around the course, but due to circumstances, I was sitting at this computer lamenting the loss.  I’m not sure why I’m sad at missing a race in the snow and low 20’s, but I’d rather be out there slipp’n and slid’n.


Join Me At The Carnival

Next week, December 5th, 2015, is the Rocky Mountain CX Champs at Sandstone Park, in Longmont, CO.  This is a pretty big event as a joint production between Watts Marketing (producer of Cross Vegas) and Without Limits Productions.  We plan to see a ton of great riders and obnoxious fans from all over Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, and New Mexico . . . and probably more than that!

Come join the fun!  Come see us at the WickWerks Tent (we’ll have heat to share . . . and if you’re lucky, free Hot Chocolate!).  Or find us Under the Giant Chainring!

It may be your chance to lay claim to the Title of “Wicked Fast” for your category.  We’ve been known to do a T-Shirt preem for the first person of a given category to pass through the Giant Chainring in their race.  Might be you!

We have some other fun shirts to give out as well . . . bring your WickWerks equipped bike to me, pose for a photo, and I might just get you settled with a great shirt.

Carnival Shift Shirts

See you there!  Eldon.