Cyclocross & Gravel 1X – 42 Tooth Z-Rings

42 Tooth – for 110 mm BCD Cranks (See options.)

        – 10 & 11 & 12 Speed Compatible

Other CX Z-Ring Sizes:  (Click to see.)

Available Now  –  38 Tooth  –  40 Tooth  –  42 Tooth
For Various Crank Types, See Options.

Conversion Spacer Tabs 42 ToothTo Convert from 2X:
– Use these Conversion Tabs.
– Chainring Bolts:  Std Set or Shorty Set, or SRAM Bolt Set

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42 Tooth Z-Rings Made For ‘Cross:

The new Z-Ring technology is available as a 1X for Cyclocross and Gravel — and now 42 Tooth.  The “Z-Ring” title comes because of the unique characteristics that make them the next step forward.  The “Z” is Narrow-Wide Enhanced — Enhanced for easy installation; Enhanced for chain handling, and Enhanced for durability — all to Enhance your fun!

Cyclocross & Gravel Z-Rings are available in these configurations:

  • 38 Tooth – 110 mm BCD – for Traditional 5-Bolt Mounting and Sram 22 5-Bolt,  plus Shimano Road/CX 4-Bolt.
  • 40 Tooth – 110 mm BCD – for Traditional 5-Bolt Mounting and Sram 22 5-Bolt,  plus Shimano Road/CX 4-Bolt.
  • 42 Tooth – 110 mm BCD – for Traditional 5-Bolt Mounting and Sram 22 5-Bolt

For a lot more information about Z-Rings, Z-Technology, and Z-Best 1X Chainrings, check out the Full Product Explanation.



Z-Technology Cyclocross & Gravel Single, 42 Tooth Chainring:

– CNC, High Strength 7075-T6 Aluminum
– MIL Spec. Type 3 True Hard Anodize
– Weight 65 g

Compatibility (see options):

– 110 mm BCD, 5-bolt “Compact” Fits most standard Road/CX cranks.
– SRAM 22 style, 110 mm BCD, 5-bolt (5th bolt behind the arm) Road/CX cranks.
– Shimano, 110 mm BCD, 4-bolt Road/CX cranks.  (All of our 38t, 40t and 42t Shimano 4-bolt rings fit the DA9000 and DA9100 cranks as well as the Ultegra 6800 and r8000).
– 10 & 11 & 12 Speed Compatible

Perfect for Conversion to 1X:

– To convert from a double (2X) to a single (1X), Use the Shorty Bolts, or use our Conversion Tabs.  Optionally, a compatible bash guard may be used in place of the original large ring.


42 Tooth Singles for Cyclocross & Gravel

The new 42 tooth Z-rings fit many standard 110 mm BCD cranks.  Select the crank style in the options pull-down menu above.  The Z-Rings are made for conversion, so they work on most cranks with a 110 mm bolt circle.  It’s a simple conversion that will make a double into a single ring (1X) drivetrain.

Converting from a double:  Check the crank bolt pattern to be sure of a compatible configuration in 110 BCD.  Order correct rings by selecting the correct option in the pull-down menu above.  If you prefer to use Conversion Tabs, order those and standard length bolts.  If you prefer to mount the Z-Rings directly to the crank tabs, get a set of the Shorty Bolts.  If the crank is compatible, the conversion does NOT require a new crank!

For best and fastest performance, we recommend a New Chain with new rings, and Chain Lube to make it all run smooth!