Cyclocross & Gravel 1X – 38 Tooth Z-Rings

38 Tooth – for 110 mm BCD Cranks (See options.)

– 10 & 11 & 12 Speed Compatible

Other CX Z-Ring Sizes:  (Click to see.)

Available Now  –  38 Tooth  –  40 Tooth  –  42 Tooth
For Various Crank Types, See Options.

Conversion Spacer TabsTo Convert from 2X:
– Use these Conversion Tabs.
– Chainring Bolts:  Std Set or Shorty Set, or SRAM Bolt Set

$ 48.50


38.50Cyclocross & Gravel Z-Rings:

1X is the hot topic for some Cyclocross riders, others prefer 2X, and the WickWërks Z-Rings are the next leap forward.  The “Z” is Narrow-Wide Extended — extended function for installation flexibility, extended durability, extended fun!

Cyclocross Z-Rings are available in these configurations:

  • 38 Tooth – 110 mm BCD – for Traditional 5-Bolt Mounting,  Sram 22 5-Bolt,  and Shimano Road/CX 4-Bolt.
  • 40 Tooth – 110 mm BCD – for Traditional 5-Bolt Mounting,  Sram 22 5-Bolt,  and Shimano Road/CX 4-Bolt.

For a lot more information about Z-Rings, Z-Technology, and Z-Best 1X Chainrings, check out the Full Product Explanation.



Z-Technology Cyclocross Single, 38 Tooth Chainring:

– CNC, High Strength 7075-T6 Aluminum
– MIL Spec. Type 3 True Hard Anodize
– Weight 56 g

Compatibility (see options):

– 110 mm BCD, 5-bolt “Compact” Fits most standard Road/CX cranks.
– SRAM 22 style, 110 mm BCD, 5-bolt (5th bolt behind the arm) Road/CX cranks.
– Shimano, 110 mm BCD, 4-bolt Road/CX cranks.  (All of our 38t, 40t and 42t Shimano 4-bolt rings fit the DA9000 and DA9100 cranks as well as the Ultegra 6800 and r8000).
– 10 & 11 & 12 Speed Compatible

Perfect for Conversion to 1X:

– To convert from a double (2X) to a single (1X), Use Shorty Bolts, or Use our Conversion Tabs.  Optionally, a compatible bash guard may be used in place of the original large ring.


The New Cyclocross 1X 38 Tooth Singles – The Z-Rings

These 38t rings will fit many of the standard cranks in a 110 mm BCD configuration.  Select your crank option above.  Most cranks with this bolt circle are configured for a pair of rings (2X), but these Z-Rings are made for conversion and will work on most existing cranks.  It’s a simple conversion to a single chainring (1X) drivetrain.

Converting from a double:  Check the bolt pattern of your crank first — make sure it is the 110 BCD in one of the compatible configurations listed above.  Order the right rings using the options for selecting your crank.  If you prefer to use Conversion Tabs, order those and standard length bolts.  If you prefer to mount the Z-Rings directly, get a set of the Shorty bolts to attach them.  If the crank is compatible, the conversion does NOT require a new crank!

For best and fastest performance, we recommend a New Chain with new rings, and Chain Lube to make it all run smooth!