41/33 SRAM

110 mm BCD – 5 Bolt – Road Cranks (Select Below)
10 & 11 &12 Speed




BRIDGE Technology Road Double Chainring Set:

– 41/33 Teeth
– CNC 7075-T6
– MIL Type 3 True Hard Anodize
– Weight 104 g (Ring Set), Varies by Crank Type


– 110mm BCD, 5-Bolt versions for the various crank types.
– Most models and manufacturers (See Crank Types Tab above.)
– 10 & 11 & 12 Speed Compatible
– Most Road Bikes with braze-on mounted front derailleur will require the FIT LINK adapter for proper positioning.

Cyclo-cross & Gravel & Road Performance Chainrings For SRAM Red 22 (& Exogram) and Force 22:

We took our proven Cyclo-cross chain ring technology and introduced it to the new 2012+ SRAM Red Exogram Road Cranks — a great match. (For proof, look at Katie Compton – She won her 9th consecutive USA Cycling National Championship and won the Cyclo-Cross World Cup riding the Red/WickWerks combination!)

Perfect for those that don’t want to push a bigger ring and want to keep a steady rhythm and cadence.

Mountings bolts/nuts are available on our chainring-accessories-fasteners page.


Chainring Bolt Set – SRAM 22 Cranks

Chainring Bolt Set – SRAM Exogram Style

Order the Correct SRAM RED and SRAM Force Compatible Chainrings:

WickWerks makes chainrings for BOTH SRAM RED Crank styles (and BOTH SRAM Force Crank styles.  Please see the images below to identify the crank you have, then follow the instructions (below each image) to order the correct chainrings.

Two Styles of SRAM RED Cranks:

SRAM Red Crank Styles

The LEFT image shows a typical SRAM RED Crank pre-2012.  This is typical of most other road and cyclocross cranks — and come in 110mm BCD as well as 130mm BCD.

Look at your crank.  If you see the 5 bolts as shown in the image on the LEFT, please refer to our standard CX 46/36 chainrings (here) for correct fit.

The image on the RIGHT shows a newer RED EXOGRAM and Red 22 style crank.  These come in 110mm BCD (shown) and 130mm BCD.

Look at your crank.  If you see 4 bolts like on the RIGHT (with 5th bolt into the arm from behind), this is the place.  Select “Add to Cart” and place your order.

Note:  Crank graphics will change from year to year.  The cranks shown are for reference of the bolt patterns.  The important things are 1, the hidden bolt;  and 2, the BCD (Bolt Circle Diameter).

(BCD or Bolt Circle Diameter is the circular spacing of the 5 chainring bolts.  Both images above show 110mm BCD (or “Road Compact”) cranks.  130mm BCD is also a common size.  Measuring the bolt circle of a 5 bolt crank can be a bit difficult, but it should also be indicated on the crank or on the existing chainrings somewhere.  Check the size before ordering your new chainrings.)

Styles of SRAM Force Cranks:

SRAM Force and Force 22 Crank Styles

Similar to above, the LEFT image is a typical SRAM Force Crank pre-2013.  If your crank has 5 bolts visible as in image on the LEFT, you need WickWerks standard CX 41/33 chainrings (here) for correct fit.

Like the Red above, the RIGHT image is the Force 22.  If your crank has a bolt layout like the RIGHT side image (with the 5th bolt hidden by the crank arm), this is the right place.  Select “Add to Cart” and place your order.

Note:  For the SRAM Force 22 cranks, Please see these special mounting instructions.


Cyclo-cross Rings for 2012+ SRAM Red Exogram, Red 22 and Force 22:

The 2012+ SRAM RED Exogram crank is a great choice for Cyclo-cross.  The RED is light and stiff — better than than the previous Red (and it has the cool hidden bolt).  Pair that with the patented and proven WickWerks, cyclo-cross specific chainrings and you’ve got something to get excited about.  These same rings (with a minor modification) work with the Force 22 cranks as well.

Why WickWerks?

WickWerks rings are designed for and completely compatible with the 2012+ SRAM Red Exogram and Red 22 Cranks. Compatible, and superior. Need proof? Watch the podiums. A lot of great racers ride WickWerks to the podium – and they go through some extreme conditions to do it. (Check the results for the CX Masters World Championships. Several podiums for WickWerks riding racers!)

Examine the back and side product images shown above to see the radical chain ramps that we call BRIDGE Technology. It’s Fast Shifting Bicycle technology that comes in especially hand in cyclo-cross — from local matches to winning the Cyclo-cross World Cup!

WickWerks chain rings are a favorite in cyclo-cross circles because of their capability. Check out some Riders that use them. They’re well proven by some of the best.

Step up to WickWerks CX Rings.


Crank Type

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Chainrings for the serious rider

Chainrings For The Serious Rider

Founded and developed by cyclists, WickWërks offers advanced component solutions for an improved riding experience. By refining existing technologies and innovating new ones, our products provide a competitive advantage to racers, and a more enjoyable ride to recreational cyclists. We are proud to offer choices that makes a noticeable difference.


Details Matter

With Chainrings, the details make all the difference. These are the “Radical Ramps” of our BRIDGE Shift Technology. Unlike the shifting pins seen on most chainrings, these ramps are like big hands reaching out to grab a whole fist full of chain to SHIFT — when you command it.
So, when we say “Shift Your Expectations”, it’s more than just a play on words.


Details Mater With Chainrings
Narrow-Wide Enhanced - Z-Rings

Enhanced Techno-Innovation

The advancement of technology is often step by step — starting in one place and ending up in another. WickWerks is full of innovative products that came about as enhancements of or enhancements to other, sometimes older, technology. Our latest 1X technology is just that — Z-Rings are Narrow-Wide Enhanced.