Kick-Off Cyclocross Season RightWick Werx Bicycle Chainrings

It’s that TIME !!  And we’re celebrating the start of Cyclocross Season with a present for all our ‘crossing friends.  Be CXy, we say!  And we’re going to help with a  20% Savings  on Wicked Fast, Awesome Shifting chainrings.

This is Your Chance . . .

Call it a jump start to the season.  The rings are fast, and so is this offer – just a few days – so act now.
On September 26th, it will be over.

Use coupon code  CYCLO20  at check-out on this website now through September 26th 2015.  We’re not playing favorites, so it’s good for any WickWerks chainrings — even if you don’t ‘Cross.

– See the Cyclocross Chainrings here.
– And Mountain Bike Chainrings here.
– And, of course, Road Bike Chainrings here.
Oh, Shift!  Let’s include  20% Off  for accessories too:  Chainring Bolts, Chains, and Lube.

AH! Cyclocross Season!

Ah! Cyclocross Season Again

It’s that time of year.  The time when you relax from all the sophisticated stuff you’ve been doing on your bike, and jump into the crazy days of riding bikes ?? and running carrying your bike ??  Well, if you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out.

Bike racing in whatever conditions you most enjoy.  For some it’s the sun, some eat up the sand, some love the mud (the gooier the better!), and some just bask in the camaraderie of the events.  Whatever your reasons, you might as well get your bike fixed up and ready for a fantastic Cyclocross Season.  It’s here, and it’s the most fun to be had on a bike.

For those that are serious about the competition side of cyclocross, one of the best upgrades you can do for performance is to bolt on some fast shifting WickWerks cyclocross chainrings.  Ridden by some of the best in the business, WickWerks chainrings shift better and faster in more conditions that any others out there.  It’s the BRIDGE Shift Technology that makes this happen, and it’s the real deal.  Check out more on the technology here, then get your cyclocross chainrings here.  Do it now, because this  20% Off  party won’t last long.