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Junior Team Sponsorship Challenge

Juniors Team Sponsorship Challenge

At Interbike 2015 WickWërks introduced “The Junior’s Solution”, a combination of equipment that allows young riders to use standard cycling components and still meet sanctioned race junior gearing restrictions. Because of the complete ways this solves typical junior gearing issues, we’ve received a huge amount of interest and positive feedback. We’ve also had numerous requests for sponsorship, more than we can possibly support. So, we’re offering you the chance to tell us why your team should be sponsored. 5 teams selected from the entrants will be given a product sponsorship for 2016. If you want to be one of those 5 teams, this is what you need to do.

What You Need To Do:

Using the Form below –

  • Tell us about your team: Mission, Community involvement, Goals for expanding Juniors Cycling, etc..
  • Please tell us: What races will your team be participating in this year?
  • What does being a sponsored team mean to you? What do you feel a team should do for their sponsors?
  • How will receiving a WickWerks sponsorship help your team reach its goals?
  • Include a team photo (or more) so we can see your bright smiling faces.
  • Must include Coach or Team Contact info of individual over 21 years of age.


Teams must be registered with USA Cycling (or other country federation). Limit one proposal per team. All proposals must be submitted by February 28, 2016 for consideration. Late submissions will not be accepted. Selection of teams will be done solely by WickWerks, and is up to their complete discretion. All decisions are final. If one or more of the chosen teams does not accept or claim the sponsorship, it may be awarded to another entrant solely at the discretion of WickWerks.

Team selection will be announced March 1, 2016. Teams selected will be notified via coach’s contact info provided on submission forms. Selected teams will have 1 week from date of announcement to contact WickWerks to claim sponsorship. Unclaimed sponsorship may be withheld or awarded to another team entrant solely at WickWerks discretion.


The Junior’s Solution package is not yet available for purchase. 2016 Sponsorship is for product only; no monetary support will be given. WickWerks will provide each selected team with 4-8 (depending on team size and visibility) Junior’s Solution packages (41/33t chainring set, Fit Link braze-on adapter, chain watcher) and a pro deal (30% off) for unlimited team use on WickWerks products. All orders placed using a team pro deal will be shipped to the team coach or bike shop only. If at any time WickWerks deems the use of the team pro deal to be abusive or used by non-team members the pro deal may be cancelled.

Sponsorship Proposal Submission Form

Good luck with the challenge!! We’re excited about this project and hope you are too. We wish we could sponsor everyone!!

Thank you to everyone that entered. The Team Sponsorship Challenge ended February 28, 2016. Final selections, announced March 1, 2016, can be viewed here.