Installing the Junior's Solution - Video

Installing the Junior’s Solution

The Fit Link is a Braze-On front derailleur adapter designed as a component of The Junior’s Solution.  This Quick-Fix video covers the basics of how to install the WickWerks Fit Link as part of the Junior’s Solution competitive gearing package.  Information on the benefits and logic of the Junior’s Solution can be found at:



The Fit Link is a pretty simple device made to allow a bicycle front derailleur to be mounted below the Braze-On tab (found on many road bikes).  For bikes equipped with a Braze-On tab, the front derailleur is normally connected directly to the tab, however, if the owner wishes to use smaller chainrings — as in the case of Junior specific competitive gearing — then installing the front derailleur to the Braze-On tab won’t let it slide low enough for effective shifting.  Now, enter the WickWerks Fit Link.  This inventive little device mounts to the Braze-On tab and is configured to allow the front derailleur to be installed below the normal position — thus allowing great shifting even with small chainrings like those of the WickWerks Junior’s Solution.  The Fit Link is part of the complete solution, and this video is all about installing the “Solution”.

Additional Information:

The Fit Link is not required on bicycles that do not have a Braze-On tab.  If your bike uses a clamp mounted front derailleur — one that has a strap or clamp that goes all the way around the seat tube, the fit link is not required. If your bike geometry does not allow the clamp style derailleur to slide down, close enough for good shifting, then perhaps a clamp-on style Braze-On adapter coupled with the Fit Link would work.

For information about the products, visit the Fit Link and/or The Junior’s Solution product pages.

For information about The Junior’s Solution as a competitive gearing package, we recommend reading all the details at The Junior’s Solution product announcement.  This post outlines why this is the Solution, and also highlights usage limitations.