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Cross Vegas 2013 + Wicked Fast Lap Award

CrossVegas Wicked Fast Lap

WickWerks is doing it AGAIN !!  $100 up for grabs during each race at Cross Vegas, September 18, 2013.

Yes, we’ll be there again supporting the fun, cheering for the racers, handing out $100 checks and showing off our awesome chainrings.  Oh, did I say handing out checks?  Yes, we’ll be giving a $100 check to the racer that clocks the fastest lap during each race.  We call it the Wicked Fast Lap Award.

Claim the Wicked Fast Lap

The Wicked Fast Lap award doesn’t necessarily go to the race winner — it can be anyone racing — whomever turns the fastest lap during each race.  It’s $100 up for grabs with each race, and you win it by being fast!

Come and cheer with us for your favorite rider!  Come join in the fun and watch an awesome show in the desert night air of Las Vegas.  Come by the booth and see for yourself why WickWerks rings are the Worlds Fastest Shifting Chainrings!

See you there!