Cross Vegas 2012

CrossVegas – VIP Tickets Sweepstakes

CrossVegas – VIP Tickets Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes – September 1-12, 2012

Winner: Tim Schauer of WA

Sweepstakes Winner

Congratulations Tim! – Your CrossVegas “Wicked Fast Lap” VIP Tickets are ready! Enjoy the races!

  • Sweepstakes promoted from
  • Prize provided by Cross Vegas
  • 25 entries.  Winning number was 22.
  • Winner picked via random number generator in order of time of entry.
  • TIm was the 22nd entrant signing up on 9/10/12 at 11:58pm.

Later Edit:

Tim ended up not being able to go, so arrangements were made (through us here at WickWerks) so his friend could go instead.
That’s totally awesome! How do I find lucky friends that can win, but can’t go?

— Keep watching Facebook for the next give-away.